256degree super wide angle lens 1/2.3inch 1.1mm 16mp drone flying camera underwater vehicle M12

This 250 degree fisheye lens is designed for use with Ribcage Modified GoPro cameras,FOV 250 degree. Angle of view on the GoPro's 1/2.3" sensor. By outfitting modified GoPro cameras with such a wide-angle lens, you are able to create 360 degree video and stills using fewer cameras, letting you reduce the size and complexity of your rig and simplify the stitching processes.



Image size: 1/2.3inch

Sensor: IMX377

Image Formal: φ4.4mm

Focal length: 1.1mm

Aperture: 2.4mm

Field of View: 256°

Back Focal Length: 1.66mm

Thread Size: M12*P0.5

Lens Construction: 11G+IR

IR Cut Coating:  Tave>=95% @440nm-620nm, Tave=50%@650nm±10nm

Barrel Material: Aluminium Alloy

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